not another architecture…

Clean Code

our utmost objective is to protect our code from deteriorating

Object Oriented

everything is a structure that transforms to fulfill the need at hand

Value Over Time

build reusable code that matures with time, rather than building up technical debt

Patterns at Heart

complement MVC with proven practices: command-bus and domain-driven design


scoped testing creates predictable outcomes and reliable guarantees

Easy Learning Curve

made to be familiar, a simple concept that extends Laravel’s excellence

efficient code reviews

reduce code review time, significantly, with familiar code structure. Being familiar with the architecture at review reduces the amount of cognitive load required to make the correct decisions about coding approach, which clears up room for creative flow and consequently spend time wisely.

save onboarding time

your next hire will require significantly less time onboarding the codebase, be it familiar with Lucid or not, the detailed documentation takes care of familiarising them with the architecture and acts as a reference when needed.

painless navigation

never get lost when finding that piece of code you remember writing somewhere or telling your colleague about. Instead, know exactly where it is.

working on multiple projects and switching between them couldn’t get easier when navigation is the least of your problems, and upon opening the project you feel at home for there isn’t much to discover besides the business logic.


Monolith and Micro variants cover a wide range of project verticals, whether you’re working on a single-purpose, multi-purpose or microservices project. With the “use what you need” approach there will be no commitment to an entire stack. Choose the units that fit your case best and use them, the others will be there when needed.

Micro • Monolith

talk about code

provides similar vocabulary when discussing code, by giving names to the units of logic that are actually used at different levels and are usually loose and scattered everywhere in our codebase.
Such as: domains, features, jobs, operations and services.


take a look at Lucid and try it out!


 objects unfold in space,
capable of producing living structure 
~ Christopher Alexander